Services that are offered

La Raza is one of the most well-known agencies in San Francisco providing comprehensive immigration services to Latinos and other newcomers. We believe that most immigrant families bring to this country and to San Francisco a rich cultural heritage, honorable work ethics and strong family values. These positive contributions are undermined when legal documentation and immigration issues only emphasize deficits in their character - which are demeaning to their dignity. Matters are made more complicated and difficult for immigrant families in the wake of oppressive and discriminatory deportation policies.

While the services we offer have evolved based on the changing needs of our community, La Raza's mission remains rooted in the preservation and development of the Latino community by promoting self-sufficiency. La Raza has historically been at the forefront of immigrants' services addressing precisely these needs, including legal status and deportation. We have extensive experience providing these families services such as emergency financial assistance due to the loss of an income-earner. Also, and very importantly, we attend to a significant number of domestic violence and child abuse issues - and other negative effects of the migratory experience. Commonly, the individual who is detained by authorities is the primary income provider of the household. They often need legal assistance, counseling services, and access to health services. In each of these scenarios, La Raza steps in to help families and connect them with the services they need. Our staff ensures that our clients understand the complex immigration process, and assists clients in the breath of immigration issues, including naturalization, citizenship classes, visa petitions and work permits.